RaSmatinConfig - Create it the Way you want!

First you have to Download the RaSmatinSetup setup and install it on a Windows-machine. The installation requires administrator-privileges.


Follow the steps of the installer. You might be asked to install .NET because it's required for the configuration program.
RaSmatinRuleConfig Installer
Finally launch the application via the desktop icon or the start-menu.
Desktop Icon
On the main page we can select what we are going to do. In this tutorial we are going to create a new RaSmatinProject. In the project we can use different types of Elements. For createing a own element out of existing elements you need to click the button "New Custom Element".
Start Page
You can either start with an empty template or select a template with a small example configuration
New Project
Basically there is no obligated order to configure the project. I suggest to create your modules first. Add the modules you bought and configure their properties. To determine what modules you have just look on your bill or on the module itself. If you just want to simulate a project you don't need to buy any modules. Just choose some modules create them and configure virtually.
Configure Modules
Now create some categories to sort your plugs and variables. The provided icons are loaded from the "Images" Folder in the installation directory.
Configure Categories
All plugs and variables can also be arranged to logical levels link level, rooms,... in a house.
Configure Object Tree
Private Variables are used to define constants, take values from one network to another network and more. The enduser can't see private variables on the website therefore no external changes are possible.
Configure Private Variables
If you want the enduser to see variables you need User-Variables. They are similar to plugs the only difference is that they are not assigned to the hardware. User-Variables are used for example to switch off all plugs or a certain group of plugs.
Configure User-Variables
Plugs are the pyhsical inputs and outputs. They are part of one module. They have a mainlevel, a category,...
Configure Plugs
To change the mainlevel of a plug or a User-Variable just drag them tho the new mainlevel
Now we are able to start our logical configuration.
Drag and drop elements from the left side into the network.
Some Elements
Simply connect them through clicking on the certain plugs. To create a sub-connection use the context-menu with a right-click.
Element Connections and a Subconnection
Plugs or variables can be attached to the certain input or output of the element by drag and drop.
Connected Plug
Finally we can simulate the configuration. If we have our modules connected to the computer we also can do a online simulation.
Start Simulation
On the left side we can set input variables to simulate the output. The color lime-green shows the logical "true" of an output. If the whole element is lime-green the first output is true.
Set a Variable
Export the configuration to a RaSmatinZip file. This file is needed that the server knows how to control the RaSmatinServer
Export RaSmatinZip
Finally we need to upload the exported RaSmatinZip to the webserver. In order to preform this we need to login with a superuser. To RaSmatinWeb
RaSmatinWeb Login

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