RaSmatinServer - The Heart of RaSmatin

The RaSmatinServer controls RaSmatin via a serial port. RaSmatinServer is based on python3.4. To get python3.4 or install RaSmatin read the First Steps Article. The Commands used are documented in the Documentation. To start the RaSmatinServer you can type RaSmatinServer start to the console (normally it starts with the www-data user)

RaSmatinServer start

You can check the status of the RaSmatinServer by typing RaSmatinServer status

RaSmatinServer status

To stop it just use RaSmatinServer stop

RaSmatinServer stop

You can also start the RaSmatinServer by hand.

start with python3.4

The python project RaSmatinServer provides several log levels.

Commandline arguments

Here you can see some example output with loglevel serial.


When you start the RaSmatinServer via RaSmatinServer start a logfile is written to /var/log/RaSmatinServer/output.log

You can change the loglevel in /usr/bin/RaSmatinServer

Log File

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